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Temporary Cremation Assistance


As a  local Family and Veteran owned funeral home, we have decided to make a Temporary price reduction to assist those undergoing an immediate need for burial or cremation services during the Covid Crises. This is excluding pre-planned services.
Losing a loved one is so difficult, especially with the current health crisis. 

We  offer a variety of ways to plan arrangements as well, including, email, Zoom, Skype, Telephone conference, a visit to the funeral home, or your director will come to you.
Our staff is also BILINGUAL  to accommodate our families.

Standard Direct Cremation Package:

Standard Direct Cremation Package:

*Basic Services of funeral director and staff

*Transportation of loved one into our care

*Standard Cremation Service fee

*Refrigeration until cremation occurs

*1 death certificate

*Standard plastic travel urn  

*Standard Alternative container

(Additional permit fee's may apply)

                                   $ 695.00