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Pause and Reflect

All too often, grief is delayed by choosing to focus on things that distract you from your pain. While this is totally natural and understandable, it can complicate your grief down the road.  Take the time to pause and reflect on the Love, Life, and Legacy of your loved one. Only then you can create a meaningful experience that honors their life and celebrates their legacy.

Consider these questions with your loved one in mind:

·     How did your relationship begin?

·     What is your most meaningful memory?

·     What made your relationship unique or special?

·    What is the most meaningful thing you learned from            your loved one?

·     What was your loved one passionate about?

·     What things did your loved one do for others?

·     What did your loved one enjoy doing?

·     What could your loved one do better than others?

·     What other relationships were especially meaningful            to your loved one?

·     What was your loved one’s greatest quality?

·     What adjectives best describe your loved one?

·     How would your loved one want to be remembered?